It is often said that what you feel is what you become. A person with a positive thinking always finds positivity around and a person with negative view will always find negativity around.

So, it can be said that we can control the way we feel and eventually what we want to become.

Here is a simple list of five practices that followed everyday consciously can lead to a tremendous positive change in our lives.

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We have always heard that ‘Gratitude is the key to successes’ But have we ever imagined that why is that so? Let’s dig into this and find out.


According to many researches the more people focuses on what they have they tend to forget about the things they don’t have. It shifts their energy from complaining to appreciating.

So here are some basic ways we can practice gratitude in our daily lives.

  1. By counting the three most precious people we have in our life
  2. By appreciating the basic facilities we have been given by God i.e. food, shelter and clothes.
  3. By acknowledging God for giving us ability to thank Him for all the blessings He gave us.



It is rightly said that if you don’t want to feel sad and scared then live in your future by making your present beautiful. We should always think about the ways we can make our future brighter rather than focusing on why your past is so painful.

Think Forward

Although it is very hard to let go yourself from the sour memories of the past and people often spend half of their lives thinking about the mistakes they made in their past. But it is OKAY for all those mistakes you have made. A new day is waiting for you to rise. Look into your future and make it as you wanted your past to be.



Sometimes your heart gives you the best advice but you quite ruthlessly ignore it and listen to what people around you have to say. Here is the key LISTEN TO YOUR HEART CLOSELY. Many at times our gut feelings are the best of all opinions and they make us make the best decisions of our life. So why ignore them.


In order to have a healthy relationship with yourself you need to build a connection with your heart. Pause, reflect and understand whenever you get time between your days. It always helps.



Being humble is the best thing to do. It gives you so much love and respect from others which are two of the things we desire the most from people.

A lot of people think that only public figures should be humble in their attitude as they deal with their fans but that’s where you are wrong. Humbleness is to be practiced by every one of us. Either we are a house helper or a mother, a businessman or a grandparent, a housewife or a model, a president or a humble

There are some moral values that needs to be shared by everyone and humility is one of them

Being humble has far reaching consequences and is a very impactful tool for building people up.

Some of the common ways to practice humility is to smile at everyone, meet and greet them by their name and appreciate tiny little efforts people do around you to make you feel happy.



The most important yet most neglected practice that leads towards a BETTER YOU are to love you unconditionally and BE YOU unapologetically having said that one should also not love themselves by hating others.

As rightly said by Stephen covey, Love is a verb. It needs to be presented by your actions and loving behavior towards others otherwise only words and no actions are not enough.

Hence develop a habit of loving yourself with all your flaws and imperfections. Let go yourself of any guilt and shame you have about yourself.

Know that you need to love yourself first in order to spread love and positivity.

Hug yourself every once in a while, tell yourself you are beautiful, appreciate yourself and help yourself to be a better version of you every day.

Love yourself

What do you think?

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