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World cup 2019 highlights – detailed analysis of the teams, top performers of the tournament and future predictions.

It has been 20 days since the world cup kicked off and we all have been glued to our tv screens ever since. This time has been different as all 10 teams have showed a different side to their game. A lot of players have emerged as match savers and a lot of match savers have proved to done nothing in matches.

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Be it India vs Pakistan match or Australia vs West Indies all 23 matches that have been played so far have been nerve wrecking. Although rain has been a major miss factor this time and many teams have suffered on points table because of it but some teams have also got advantage out of it. World cup has proven to be a mind game this time because of the weather conditions. 

3 out of 48 matches have been abandoned till now without a single ball bowled due to rain. Match 11 which was Pakistan vs Sri Lanka on 7thJune, Match 16 which was Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka on 11thJune & Match 18 which was India vs New Zealand on 18thJune. Each team was given 1 point each for the respective matches.

3 out of 48 matches have been declared by DLS method due to poor weather conditions. 

Match # 7 which was Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Match # 21 that was Afghanistan vs South Africa and match # 22 that was India vs Pakistan. Apart from this match # 15 which was South Africa vs West indies was also called off on 10thJune due to poor weather conditions. 

So a total of 7 matches out of 48 have been affected by the weather conditions till now with a potential chances of rain in future as well. Whatever the situation may cricket lovers are looking forward to exciting matches with their fingers crossed.

Captains decision making skills have been tested and judged in world cup due to varying conditions. It have also been proved that cricket game is 70% mind game and 30% talent. It’s about how you handle pressure and play under pressure letting your team give their best performance.

Let’s have a look at the points table:

 RankTeams Matches WonLostPoints
2New Zealand4307
6Sri Lanka5124
7West Indies5133
8South Africa5133

New Zealand, Australia, India and England have emerged as the best teams of the tournament so far with highest points on the table. These teams have truly lived up to their fans expectations and given all cricket lover exciting matches to witness this time. 

New Zealand has won 3 matches out of 4 played so far and is at number 2, Australia has won 4 matches out of 5 played so far and is at number 1 whereas India is at number 3 with total 3 wins and England at number 4 with total 3 wins so far.

Pakistan, West Indies and South Africa have been extremely disappointing with their batting, bowling and fielding. These teams have been outplayed by their opponents in majority of matches giving their fans major heartbreak. We wish them best of luck for their future matches.

Afghanistan being on the lowest on the points table hasn’t managed to win a single match this tournament so far and that has been heartbreaking for their fans. We wish them best of luck for the future matches.

However Bangladesh has been extremely composed and mentally charged all this time. Coming from bottom to middle in the points table their strategy speaks a thousand words in ground especially the last match they have played against West Indies.

Bangladesh can be seen as a threat for the other top teams if they kept performing like this.

Talking about key performers in this world cup a lot of new players have emerged as best giving us a reason to applaud them.

Most runs scorer of the tournament:

  1. Shakib Al Hasan          384 runs
  2. Aaron Finch                 343 runs
  3. Rohit Sharma              319 runs
  4. David Warner              281 runs
  5. Joe Root                       279 runs

Shakib Al Hasan has been a key player for Bangladesh all this time with his impressive batting and competitive bowling he has set the bar high for other batsman and ranked as number 1 run scorer till now. Aaron Finch is also known for his hitting skills and seeing him on number 2 with a total of 343 runs is of no surprise for his fans. Similarly Rohit Sharma has always been the key opening player for India and never disappoints his team and fans. This time around he has secured number 3 position with a total of 319 runs whereas David Warner and Joe Root are at number 4 and number 5 with a total runs of 281 and 279 respectively.

Most wicket taking player of the tournament:

  1. Mitchell Starc             13 wickets
  2. Mohammad Amir       13 wickets
  3. Pat Cummins              11 wickets
  4. Jofra Archer                9 wickets
  5. Mohammad Saifuddin 9 wickets

Mohammad Amir of Pakistan has always been a threat for the opponent team because of his classic bowling spree. This time around he has set the record of taking 13 wickets in a total 4 matches with a bowling average of 13.07.

Similarly Mitchell Starc of Australia has also been outstanding with the ball giving his opponents tough time and securing a total of 13 wickets taken in 5 matches till now. Pat Cummins comes at number 3 with a total of 11 wickets in hand till now whereas Jofra Archer of West Indies and Mohammad Saifuddin of Bangladesh ranked as number 4 for taking a total of 9 wickets in 5 matches each.

Best Bowling Figures of the tournament:

  1. Mohammad Amir       5/30
  2. James Neesham         5/31
  3. Mitchell Starc             5/46
  4. Oshane Thomas          4/27
  5. Imran Tahir                 4/29

Mohammad Amir of Pakistan has always been a threat for the opponent team because of his classic bowling action. This time around he has set the record of taking 5 wickets for 30 runs in a match against Australia and ranked number 1 best bowling figures along with James Neesham of New Zealand who took 5/31 wickets ranked as number 2, Mitchell Starc who took 5/46 wickets has been ranked as number 3, Oshane Thomas who took 4/27 wickets with ranking of number 4 and last but not the least Imran Tahir with 4/29 best bowling figures.

Highest Scores made in the tournament:

  1. Aaron Finch                 153
  2. Jason Roy                    153
  3. Rohit Sharma              140
  4. Shakib Al Hasan          124*
  5. Rohit Sharma              122*

Again Australia’s batsman Aaron Finch tops the list with his 153 runs made in an ODI. His batting never leaves his fans disappointed. Similarly is Jason Roy of England hitting lovely knocks in the tournament and qualifies to be at number 2 with a total of 153 runs. Rohit Sharma stands at number 3 and number 5 with his runs of 140 and 122* in two matches whereas Shakib Al Hasan is at number 4 with his beautiful knock against West Indies and scoring a match winning total of 124*

Most Hundreds of the Tournament:

  1. Joe Root                      2
  2. Rohit Sharma              2
  3. Shakib Al Hasan          2

Joe Root of England is one player to look out for this world cup as he is being at his best throughout. He has managed to make 2 hundreds in one day international matches and gained a lot of appreciation. Similarly Rohit Sharma of India and Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh have managed to made 2 hundreds in two ODI. One thing that should be kept in mind is the unpredictable pitch of England and these players have managed to made not a single but two centuries. Hats off to them. 

There are many other players who have managed to score a hundred in world cup so far namely Aaron Finch, Jason Roy, David Warner, Shikhar Dhawan and Jos Buttler.

Most Fifties of the tournament:

  1. Steve Smith                3
  2. Aaron Finch               2
  3. David Warner            2
  4. Dimuth Karunartne  2
  5. Kusal Perera               2
  6. Quinton de Kock        2
  7. Shai Hope                    2
  8. Shakib Al Hasan         2
  9. Virat Kohli                   2

We have talked about the top scorers, top bowlers and players who made most hundreds but the most important category is players with most fifties. These players have played a vital part in success of their matches with their performance. Playing under pressure with a risky pitch and securing a fifty for your team is never an easy job.

Steve Smith ranks number 1 with a total of 3 fifties made in 5 matches whereas Aaron Finch, David Warner, Dimuth Karunartne, Kusal Perera, Quinton de Kock, Shai Hope, Shakib Al Hasan & Virat Kohli all stand at number 2 with a total of two fifties made by each of them. 

Most sixes of the tournament:

  1. Aaron Finch               14
  2. Jos Buttler                   6
  3. Rohit Sharma             6
  4. Eoin Morgan              5
  5. Jason Roy                    5
  6. Nicholas Pooran        5
  7. Wahab Riaz                5

Fans are always comparing their best players with other teams to know how well they are performing hence here is a detail of how many sixes are made by a single batsman and to your surprise Aaron Finch again tops the list with 14 sixes in a total of 5 matches played. Jos Buttler is at number 2 with a total of 6 sixes, Rohit Sharma of India is alongside him with 6 sixes, whereas Eoin Morgan, Jason Roy, Nicholas Pooran and Wahab Riaz are at number 3 with a total of 5 sixes.

Most Fours of the tournament:

  1. Shakib Al Hasan        43
  2. Aaron Finch               30
  3. Rohit Sharma             30        
  4. Joe Root                       27
  5. David Warner            26

Fans are always comparing their best players with other teams to know how well they are performing hence here is a list of players who made the most fours on ground. At number 1 is Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh with a massive total of 43 fours made in total5 matches. Wow now that’s so freaking amazing of him. At number 2 are Aaron Finch and Rohit Sharma once again with a total of 30 fours made in the tournament so far. At number 4 is Joe Root with a total of 27 and last but not the least David Warner at number 5 for a total of 26 fours in the tournament so far.

Our next category is the most outstanding one with top players who made five wickets haul in world cup 2019. Let’s have a look at the list.

Five Wickets Haul

  1. James Neesham         1
  2. Mitchell Starc             1
  3. Mohammad Amir      1

 These three bowlers have made their teams proud by creating magic on ground. With such poor weather conditions and pressure on them they have managed to achieve this which every bowler dreams of. 

At number 1 is James Neesham of New Zealand along with Mitchell Starc of Australia and Mohammad Amir of Pakistan. All three players managed to grab 5 wickets in a single match and come to this list.

What do you think?

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